International Relocation Counselling Support in Australia

The experienced Ozcounsell team provides Australia-wide and International support to families going through the stresses that are a normal part of international relocation or returning home. Contact us today to learn how we can support you and teach you coping mechanisms.

What We Offer

Ozcounsell provides Counselling support to Individuals, Couples and Families journeying through the ‘Threat, Loss, Challenge and Adventure’ of International Relocation. Counselling support if provided from Pre-Assignment, to on-location and beyond to Repatriation in Returning home initially Face to Face and then by Telehealth.

How We Work

We respect the strengths and capacity of those who are crossing culture and geography to engage with multinational employers, international universities and schools, especially in navigating identity as ‘third culture kids and young adults’. At the same time, our clinical experience sensitises us to the differing and important support and mental health needs of each individual during transition and settlement.

Research indicates the increased challenges of Repatriation in returning home to changes in Employment Environments as well as changes in the returnee’s Family of Origin, friendships, schools, universities and neighbourhoods.

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