Faith Based Counselling Services throughout Australia

Ozcounsell can provide faith based counselling services for Christians around Australia and Internationally, with sessions available online, by phone and in person. Contact us today to learn how Christian counselling integrates faith with evidence-based counselling practice.

What is Faith Based Counselling?

Biblical Wisdom provides a firm foundation during times of uncertainty. It strengthens faith as a unique resource by which to navigate the complexities of relationships and endure periods of suffering and celebrate seasons of blessing. 

Christian Counselling

At Ozcounsell, Christian Counselling aims to integrate faith and emotions within the context of caring for the body, brain, mind and spirit – a whole person approach in every sense. Aligning faith based perspectives with evidence based treatment approaches can assist mental health recovery, provide clarity and promote safety and repair in relationships in order to live with more depth and meaning in a life supported by a faith community.