Telehealth Counselling Solutions throughout Australia

Contact OzCounsell for telehealth counselling solutions available throughout Australia and Internationally. Our team of experienced counselling professionals offer a wide range of services, from counselling for mental health to relationships.

About Us

At OzCounsell, we’ll help you figure out what you need and what’s holding you back before we plot out a course to recovery. The patterns of your thinking, actions, and relationships that may be holding you back will be investigated together. By focusing on what you already have and encouraging you to think outside the box, we can create a new plan to boost your health and happiness that you can follow at your own speed.

Recovery Based Counselling covers conditions such as;

Couple counseling or therapy session. Man talking about problems in the family. Husband and wife meeting their psychiatrist. Discussion with marriage counselor, mediator or relationship psychologist.
Each session will usually go for 50 minutes and can be in person, via Telehealth, Facetime or Phone.

About David Blyth

David has over 40 years of expertise in mental health assessment and recovery-based counselling for teens, young adults, adults, and the elderly, concentrating on their ability to cope with and recover from a wide range of mental and physical health disorders. David’s methodical approach to mental health evaluation and therapy is centred on successful and long-term healing.