Grief and Loss Counselling Services across Australia

Ozcounsell specialises in grief and loss counselling services, delivered online, via phone and in person. We serve clients across Australia and Internationally, so contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to deal with the intense emotions that can come with the loss of a loved one.

Grief Care

Loss and grief are central to the Life Cycle, alongside birth, growth and development. Helpful grief support through the lives and support of family, friends, neighbours, doctors, nurses and teachers are available to different degrees in our communities.

Our Approach to Grief Counselling

Starting with Bereavement Camps for Children and Adolescents who had lost a parent or a sibling,  introduced David at Ozcounsell to the way that each family member expresses grief differently within an individual timetable. Promoting understanding of each other’s unique journey through Love, Loss and Acceptance is the core of our grief care for Families, Couples, Individual Adults, Teens and Children. 

In working with clients struggling with the loss of an adult, teen or child relative, friends, or community members through violence, suicide, life limiting illness, an accident, Natural Disaster or unexplained causes often involved Delayed, Complicated or Traumatic Bereavement. In these situations, skilled help in recognising, validating and managing trauma symptoms before beginning grief therapy is available. 

The basis of my grief care and support is the warm empathy and quietness of “A Good Ear, a Warm Heart and Closed Lips” to promote healing of the human heart.

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