Tailored Carer Counselling Services throughout Australia

Ozcounsell delivers tailored carer counselling services online, via Telehealth, phone and in person for carers across Australia and Internationally. Contact us today to learn more from our counsellors about the care we offer for carers.

Psychological Support for Carers

One questions counsellors often ask is “Who cares for the Carer?”. Accepting support as a Carer may help reduce the frequent experience of Carer Burden, Carer Isolation and Carer Burn-Out.

At Ozcounsell we have developed a five step model to help you focus on your energy, and limited time and resources, on what can be influenced in the relationship, as well as teaching calming strategies to support you through those passages where many issues may be outside of your control and timing.

How It Works

We will work with you to develop affirmative choices for Self-Care that support your physical well-being, mental, emotional and spiritual health. We will also think together about rebuilding your support networks and any additional opportunities to access meaningful pastoral care.

Learn more about our carer counselling services. Contact us today at enquiries@ozcounsell.com.au